If you have not listened to the podcast ‘Serial’, I seriously recommend you do afterwards! Based on a true story ‘Serial’ is a 12 episode podcast where host Sarah Koenig investigates the murder of Hae Min Lee. Her ex-boyfriend, Adnan Masud Syed was arrested and charged with first degree murder. He is still in prison to this day but ‘Serial’ explores the case in alot of detail which draws you in so you do not want to turn off and become addicted to listening every week. I won’t give anything away but ‘Serial’ has the effect on you that each week after every episode you will have changed your mind about if you think Adan is guilty or not. Sarah Koenig made this podcast so interesting to listen to as she would tell it in a way where you never get bored of listening to her, she also plays clips to keep the listeners to engage them and her description is what makes this podcast as good as it is as we are unable to see anything however I feel like I have! I would strongly recommend anyone who hasn’t to go and listen to it because it is an amazing listen.


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