Who You Gonna Call…. Ghostbusters

Power angers at Comic Con
Powerangers at Comic Con

On Saturday 24th October I was lucky to work with audioBoom and Marvel at this years Comic Con at ExCel London which occurs twice a year. I am not familiar with the events at Comic Con so I was into a fun filled day ahead and quite literally thrown in at the deep end! From 9-6 the day was non stop interviewing ‘cos play’ characters, recording panels and creating montages. Being part of the press team was an amazing experience as it meant that I could get into the panels before everyone else to pick the best seats and the pass gave me more access to places all for free. I recorded ‘The Walking Dead’ where Digital Spy’s Morgan Jeffery interviewed make up artist Greg Nicotero, ‘Doctor Who’ which included Steven Moffat and ‘Sherlock’ panel where Steven Moffat appeared again aswell as Mark Gatiss, producer Sue Vertue and Amanda Abbington who plays Mary Morstan in the BBC One drama. I had such an action packed day working for audioBoom and Marvel and would defiantly do it again!


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