SRA Training Day (12/10/2016)

27As I am ‘Head Of Events and Marketing’ for ‘Smoke Radio’ I got to have to the opportunity to help out for the SRA Training Day as this year ‘Smoke Radio’ collaborated with ‘Insanity FM’ to host the day. The day was help at Westminster’s Cavendish Campus where the talks were held. I was working at ‘Speakers PA’ and also helped set up the rooms for the talks so made sure all the presentations were up and mics were working.

The first guest speaker of the days was Elena Guthrie! Elena used to study at Royal Holloway so she is an Insanity illumini, Elena spoke about ‘How To Get Your 1st Job In Radio’ which was insightful and as I was her PA I got to talk to her on a one to one basis which was really nice as she gave me a lot of good advice and told me more about her journey as I was very interested to hear all about it! Next up was Rachael Devine who does the music playlisting for Magic. She had some good tips about targeting your audience and selecting tracks. After Rachael we had ‘How To Create A Podcast’ with Jamie Wareham and for this I was lucky enough to do podcasts for the SRA’s which unfortunately meant I missed the start of each of the talks after lunch! After lunch the next talk was ‘Sports Radio’ with Simon Crosse and Kelly Cates, Pippa Taylor from Radio X talking about Radio Clocks and Zach Watson from Heart and Alex Manzi from Radio 1Xtra talking about ‘Social Media’.

I will do a separate post on the audio I collated! After the training day was over the nominations party at ‘Venue 229’. I helped set the venue up for the night and then stayed until it began. Smoke got nominated for ‘Best Station’ again and Westminster illumini Will Manning hosted the night. Once the nominations were announced I done some more interviews for the SRA podcast with people that have just been nominated which was a really good experience to have and it was really nice to do!

The whole day was such a nice experience that really boosted my confidence! I will upload the audio very shortly.


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