Monthly Favs

The month of October has been a busy one as I have been doing so much at University, creating events and work experience. I always enjoy watching monthly favourite videos on YouTube so I thought I would share bits that I have been loving this month with you.

qhy0jnlaAlbum – Landlord, Giggs
Landlord is lit. It’s brilliantly crafted and got a conversational feel of a mixtape to it. Gigs cleverly uses features with a range of articulate rappers and intelligently mixed beats. His rhymes are more grown up and he starts by addressing the listeners as “Ladies and gentlemen” and “UK rap scene yeah man’s still staring”. It sounds like an acceptance speech of some sort but he narrates about parting from his old record label before ending it with “I hope you enjoy the rest of the show”. Giggs makes it known he is the star of the show and he knows exactly what he’s doing which is why I love this album. It has such a good feel to it and has some mad features on it.

Single – Fake Love, Drake
Even though this song only came out the other week, I feel it has deserved a spot in my weekly favorites as it bangs. It’s just one of them catchy Drake songs which he knows are going to get everyone’s attention. An occurring theme in his songs is that friendly faces are not always real friends but regardless of that this song is infectious and has a comfortable feel to it. The instruments in the tune are similar to hotline bling (steel drums, bass thuds etc) which just makes the song have a warm feeling to it.

Artist – Big Narstie
For me this month Big Narsite is my favourite artist. He hasn’t done anything stand out but his ‘Fire In The Booth’ session with Charlie Sloth popped off! To keep it short and sweet, he just stays true to himself. He spat some serious bars in the booth it was ridiculous! His style is unique and in my opinion he one of the best MC’s around.

Food – Camembert
This month I have been introduced to a cheese called Camembert. My friend who lives in Cumbria eats it all the time and I never heard of it before so I tried some and it is amazing! You heat it up and it’s a nice soft creamy cheese from North France and it definitely is my favourite food piece of the month.

screen-shot-2016-10-30-at-15-13-56Clothing – Various
I have a few clothing favorites this month which include the Patta shop, Palace fw 2016 collection and the Supreme Overalls. I went to the Patta shop at the beginning of the month as it opened late September, even though the shop is tiny, it is so cute! I picked up the mug, lighter and shopper bag all for reasonable prices. The Palace fw 2016 collection was predicable but the standout piece for me was the striped l/s tee in red which I put on hold at the store. Last but not least, the Supreme Overalls! I didn’t manage to pick them up as they sell out so quick but they wouldn’t fit me anyway! I just like the classic and plain design to them.


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