Awaken, My Love

Childish Gambino is back! On Thursday 1st December Donald Glover released a community theatre production of a funk album. The 11 songs are “an exercise in just feeling and tone” he explained to Billboard. The lyrics that are sung by Glover in as many voices as there are tracks boarder in the direction of parenthood, white fear of blackness, complexity of love, romantic and brotherly. The album delves into the kind of grungy stanklove that OutKast once indulged in. The first song that was previewed from the album “Me and Your Mama”, involves gospel chorus and raggedly intense feeling that Glover summoned with ease. Childish Gambino’s best moments were in his 2011 debut Camp when he threw out the humblebrag playbook and exploded our stereotypes of black youth by addressing bullying and growing up in a two-parent household. Aswell as his 2013 follow-up, Because the Internet. It is remembered for when he harmonized wistfully on tracks like the hit single “3005.” Overall I would rate this album a strong 4/5 and it is fair to say Childish Gambino is back!


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