Wiley is back with a banger. Scheduled to release last September after many setbacks and outburst that he wasn’t going to release the album (the feels I had), Wiley’s 11th album is finally here. He’s one of the few grime artists who made a successful transition into pop showing what a talent he is and this album is bloody good. It completes an amazing year grime had and shows us what 2017 has to come. It has a nostalgic feel for my liking, called the Godfather, the nearly 38 year old artist has been grimes godfather for almost as long as I can remember. The album praises his MacBook Pro, gives advice and worrying about pensions. He has a mass of MC guests including Skepta, Devlin, Ghetts, JME, Chip to name just a few and Wiley literally praises his fellow MCs in almost every other bar. I was disappointed that his freestyle (released in December) 6 In the Bloodclart Morning is not on the album as it was jaw dropping! But this album just shows the founder of grime has not lost it. I love each song individually, how Birds and Bars reminds me of sitting at the back of the bus for school with your walkman phone banging out eski. Holy Grime features Devlin in and when Devlin blew up he dissed Wiley like nobodies business so to hear them both together is a blessing and it’s ten times better than they’re diss songs. Godfather is full of fab one liners including one about George Best which makes you think how long has Wiley been working on this album.

I would rate this album a good 4.5 stars out of 5.






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