2016 Favourites

It’s been a while since I have blogged as over Christmas and New Year I was very blessed to say I spent it in Mexico with my family for a very special birthday. Here are some of last year’s favourites..

Artist: AJ Tracey
He happened to be in my November’s monthly favourites however I feel like he is my yearly favourite artist. He’s had some tough competition up against from the likes of Skepta, Giggs, Drake to name a few but for me he is the future. 2017 is going to bring big things for this one and I will be shocked if I am wrong.

Album: Landlord
It’s brilliantly crafted and got a conversational feel of a mixtape to it. Gigs cleverly uses features with a range of articulate rappers and intelligently mixed beats. His rhymes are more grown up and he starts by addressing the listeners as “Ladies and gentlemen” and “UK rap scene yeah man’s still staring”. It sounds like an acceptance speech of some sort but he narrates about parting from his old record label before ending it with “I hope you enjoy the rest of the show”. Giggs makes it known he is the star of the show and he knows exactly what he’s doing which is why I love this album. It has such a good feel to it and has some mad features on it. For me, I found myself always listening to this album whenever I had spare time which is why it is my album of the year.

Gig: Ally Pally
It doesn’t even need an explanation, Skepta shut down Alexandra Palace

Clothing Collab: TNF X Supreme
For me even though it was really recent it has to be the FW 16 supreme collab with TNF. I always love the collabs they do with them and this one did not disappoint! The orange and leaf pattern just drew me in and made me want to own the whole collection.

Place: Soho
The place I’ve spent most of my time this year is Soho. I love the culture, shopping and everything it has to offer. I can spend a lot of time there as it offers so much to me



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