New Music 24th Feb

Friday 24th February saw a lot of music releases. We saw Future release another album HNDRXX after releasing his self titled album the week before, Stormzy’s long awaited album finally dropped and Calvin Harris, Frank Ocean and Migos all collaborated for a very special song ‘Slide’.

HNDRXX – Future
This album defiantly involves some heartfelt lyrics which is a massive contrast to ‘Future’. The album consists of 17 tracks which explore his relationship with Ciara, lawsuits, betrayal and falling in love. He says that this is the album he’s ‘always wanted to make’ which is more ‘radio – ready’, featuring The Weeknd and Rihanna. I rate this album a lot although I prefer Future but it is very good.

Future – Future
Future searches deep in this album with a lot of disrespectful lines and sometimes ones he didn’t think twice about. However, apart from that this album is true to form in the content he produces and the sounds he uses. Another 17 track album, this shows the commitment he has. Future doesn’t communicate an emotional concoction but he doesn’t need to as this album is great.


Gang Signs and Prayer – Stormzy
Stormzy has fooled all of us with his succession of tracks on this album. I will admit that I did not expect it to be as great as it is. I really rate this which I am pleasantly surprised by. He has given us gospel aswell as grime. The tracklisting is careful crafted and you can tell how hyped he is in this album. It is a well rounded album that stays true to grime whilst adding a slight mainstream to the production which is why I love this album.

Slide – Calvin Harris, Frank Ocean and Migos
When first listening, it’s a song that you can’t quite figure out who it’s made for. Ocean sings the track’s first verse, choruses and outro, while Migos’ delivers the second and third verses. Slide see’s Harris venturing into a different stylistic direction that blends R&B, pop and elements of hip hop. Ocean and Migos are at top of their games after both their successes, Calvin Harris couldn’t of picked better people to collab with.



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