Monthly Favs

The month of February has flown by! I’ve gotten back into the swing of uni and back into my love for radio. There have been a few things I’ve been loving this month, so I will share some here.

big-sean-b409ad51-1417-43ee-bb02-afd5ebad0e79Album: I Decided / Big Sean
Released on 3rd February this album has been on repeat this month. It actually claims that he is tired of all the fame and being in the spotlight. He features the likes of Eminem, Migos and Jermih to name a few on the album. The beats have a trap feel to them. He counts his blessings as always on this album and how he can sometime get swallowed by the larger than life rappers. My favourite song from the album is ‘Jump Out The Window’ and would rate this album 4/5.

Single: T Shirt/ Migos
Taken from their new album Culture, T Shirt bangs. The track features each member of Migos rapping their own unique brand of braggadocio, using a stop and start flow. It is a song that makes you want to go out and get drunk.

Artist: Loyal Carner
I have always loved him but this month he started his tour which brought back my love all over again for him. He has such a sick work ethic and is such a talented man. Yesterday Gone is an amazing album which I have been listening to a lot this month too.

patta_x_puma_t-shirt_04-1024x768Clothing:  Patta X Puma
Patta and Puma worked together on a pair of trainers but also came out with an exclusive tee which I thought was so cute. Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to get my hands on it but I thought it was a really nice piece.



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