More Life Release

Last night we streamed ‘More Life’ on the 32nd episode of OVO Radio. Gassed is not even the word. I was so excited and it did not disappoint. When I first started listening to it however I wasn’t impressed but it got better and better. The use of English rappers is incredible and overall the features are mad! Giggs pulls through on this playlist, he is insane. In ‘Free Smoke’, Drake makes the one-liner reference to his former lover – rapping: “I drunk text J-Lo/ Old number, so it bounce back”. Also on the track ‘Teenage Fever’ he goes one step further by sampling her song ‘You Had My Love’, singing about a lady friend ‘to blame for what could have been’ before singing the hook from the J-Lo classic hit. The whole playlist is mad and has got such a good response. The transitions on the playlist are so good and lyrics are great.


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