Monthly Favs

March has been mad, it has been full of positivity and so busy with uni work. I am now back at Rinse FM and am trying to take ‘Urban Life’ to the next level by promoting it on my social media.

Album: More Life / Drake

Screen Shot 2017-03-26 at 22.05.51There have been some amazing albums drop in March from the likes of Stormzy, Future x2 and Drake. It was very hard for me to choose but I have to go with Drake’s playlist ‘More Life’. It is insane. Filled with 22 songs, Drake has treated us with this playlist. It demonstrates how talented as a musician he is, the transitions between the songs are incredible and who features on the playlist is mad. Check out my show which features a half hour special all about ‘More Life’.

Single: Mask Off / Future

This song poppppppppppppps offfffffffff. There’s been so many videos flying around on Twitter with this song over the top of them as jokes and funny covers but this song is sick. The beat instantly draws me to this song, I just love it!

Artist: Giggs

It might have been towards the back end of March but Giggs had brought fire to this month. After being the only person to feature twice on ‘More Life’ and has made America go wild. He deserves so much recognition for his work.

Clothing: Places Plus Faces

Screen Shot 2017-03-26 at 22.05.01Places Plus Faces have been teasing so much stuff this month. We have already seen the camera bag but so many known faces have been modeling the up and coming range which I am excited for, it looks like a good one.


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