Monthly Favs

April has been very busy, it once again has been full of positivity and I have now finished my second year at university – just a few more assignments to finish off. I will be starting full time work soon and have a few goals I want to achieve during summer which I am starting to plan.

Album: Playboi Carti / Playboi Carti
I was so excited for this to release on the 14th. One of the most exciting young rappers has finally released his long awaited full length debut mixtape in the form of a playlist. Playboi Carti spends the whole of his discography extolling the virtues of surface-level attraction, the rightful heir to mentor A$AP Rocky’s swag-rap empire. He does not break new ground nor command the attention of the album it will understandably be dwarfed by in coverage, it’s sure a lot of fun. There is a theme of airy, spacious beats above which he talk-raps simplistic rhyme schemes, utilizing the production to evoke a druggy swagger.

Single: HUMBLE / Kendrick Lamar
Kendrick dropped an amazing album DAMN the same day as Playboi Carti which would of been an obvious option to pick for album but this song I have been listening to everyday since it came out.It zigzags constantly, it shifts from retellings of his humble beginnings to world-conquering boasts in a few beats. But what it makes clear is his supremacy: when trapped in the long shadow he casts, his contemporaries have nothing to brag about. It stands on its own, yet it could also fit neatly into a larger narrative. This song is SO GOOD.

Artist: NAV
I’ve recently been listening to NAVs self titled album all about celebrating his success and exploring himself and I love it. He collabed with The Weeknd and is now signed to his XO crew. I can see him going really far and especially taking off in 2017.

Place: Saatchi Gallery
This month I went to the Saatchi Gallery for the first time which was lovely, it was really creative and had really eye catching pieces to look at. It also had a lot of hands on stuff which was very engaging to. I would defiantly recommend a visit there!

Clothing: Places Plus Faces AGAIN and Bape
Once again Places Plus Faces have made it into my monthly favs, they released their lookbook this month and it is INSANE – such nice pieces that is going to sell out so fast lol there has already been 2 drops and I am yet to pick something up but there has been promises of restocks very soon.
Bape have collabed with Champion and Undefeated this month which I wrote a blog post about so check that out but I thought it deserved to be in this category!


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