In the spring of 2016, Damon Albarn tells Pusha T to picture, if he would, an album that envisioned Donald Trump winning the presidency. Albarn was working on new Gorillaz material, the first in six years, and he had been squinting at the man brandishing his shriveled claws at his Republican challengers and bragging about his dick size and imagining him in charge of the free world. “When it really happened,” Pusha T said, “I was like, ‘Wait a minute…I started wondering like, what type of crystal ball did this guy have?”
Humanz is Gorillaz 5th album since 2011 and is packed full of guests. The deluxe version includes 2o tracks go spoken-word segues, complex themes and its eclectic mash-up of rap, dancehall, soul, reggae, electronica and indie-pop, Humanz takes time to get to grips with, but several gems emerge with repeat listens. An amazing album, Gorillaz have smashed it


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