Monthly Favs

Feels like I haven’t done one of these in ages! I am currently very busy but have been enjoying a lot of things this month.

Album: Beautiful Thugger Girls – Yung Thug
Young Thug’s debut album it’s an album about dissolution, into love, into lust, into family, into the music. Young Thug has spent his career distinguishing himself, in fashion and in expression, and here he reaches the logical endpoint of all that idiosyncrasy: loneliness. For Thug, love is pure. Thug has never minced words when it comes to sex, especially with his fiancée who he’s sung about repeatedly. Thug implied that he would be distancing himself from the “thug” label, and implicitly trap, but here those roots are a source of infinite innovation. No longer obsessed with achieving or asserting his singularity, he’s set his sights on resolving it, constructing weird yet accessible songs that build upon his long record of experimentation and openness without falling victim to it—pop music, in other words. The quality of the songwriting and the accessibility of the songs make that vagueness and the long wait feel moot.

Single: Dizzee Rascal – Space
The former king of grime is back with his first album since 2013.  “Space” evokes a lonely man. His big, empty yellow corner has been replaced by empty black matter. His lyrics are angry too. He’s tired of MCs berating him for quitting grime and selling out and he’s tired of past enemies still gnawing on calcified old arguments. This track is going to hit off.

Artist: Lil Yatchy
After the release of Teenage Emotions Lil Yatchy has been on repeat for me this month making him my fav artist for this month. I love this man.



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