15 of the Best UK Rapper Part 2

Check out Part 1 here, we are continuing the top 15 UK rappers around.


He is such a special talent, he is the future of rap. For me I started to really notice him on ‘Party Here’ with the unique style that it had. He released another single at the beginning of the year called ‘100 Degrees’ which shows off his darker side to his sound showing how versatile this rapper is.


This girl is making waves this year, her delivery is sharp and aggressive and she has collaborated with massive producers already. This one has a big career ahead of her.


SL is part of the UK drill scene which is at its peak right now. He is only 16 and one of the most exiting talents around, he is very unique through his laid back style and that he is a standalone talent dominating the drill scene. He doesn’t need a crew. The future is bright for him and I cannot wait.


His new EP ‘Diamond In The Dirt’ was incredible, it showed that this would be his biggest year yet. His bars are thoughtful and honest reflecting on his life and how he has made his situation better through music, crew and his daughter. He often talks about the death of his mother and his time in jail which really draws you in. Having already worked with producers like Steel Banglez he has built an impressive catalog already.



You might not know his name but you’ll know his song ‘Barking’ which stormed the charts from January. It is an additive hit that is catchy and carefree track but he can spit too which shows in his earlier work. This year is going to be very exiting for him after the success of ‘Barking’.




His production is dark with subject matters that are honest with a range of topics. He produces alot himself and raps over melodic flows, A2 shows that he executes himself well and has a clear vision. If you haven’t already, zone out to A2.



Belly Squad

With summer coming up, Belly Squad will have all the hits for you. They are a mix of grime, rap, acrobeats and dancehall which brings fun and energy to our ears. All their songs are so infectious and catchy with hummable melodies. They are in a good place right now with music in the charts and what you can play on the streets.


To end with it had to be the godfather of grime, an absolute legend in the game. Making music from early 2000s on pirate radio his career spans out from diss tracks to chart hits. Last year saw the comeback with ‘Godfather’ which was his first studio album in three years. His catalog is massive and he will always remain a legend in the game.



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