Nines – Crop Circle

I have waited SO long for Nines debut album and was so gassed for it to drop. After his sick mixtape ‘One Foot Out’, I knew this would be a good one. The production that has gone into it is insane. To start off with, the dedication of creating the album cover (which is real) goes without saying. It features the likes of Dave, SL, Skrapz and Ray BLK to name a few. The lead single to come off the album ‘I See Shining’ was produced by Steel Banglez and Zeph Ellis and one thing this album has is an impressive beat selection. There are a mix of tracks on this album, some being unexpected where you could play at summer parties or in clubs and then his usual ‘road’ tracks. Dave brings his sharp quotes, Ray BLK bringer her angelic harmonising and SL showcases he is an upcoming artist who is a force to be reckoned with.
Overall, this album is defiantly one to listen too and shows a promising future for Nines.



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